Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baidu pressed into the C2C site Taobao payment or ism

Ma of Alibaba in its B2B (business to business e-commerce) services to prepare the course listed in Hong Kong, its other major business, C2C (person to person e-commerce) has been a serious challenge to shift Taobao.

Yesterday, the news show from Baidu, Baidu has been secretly planning for more than six months, will officially Sharu e-commerce, C2C is the first involved in the business.

Baidu C2C conspiring to set off for six months

"We will certainly do an independent web site C2C business. First launched in the middle of next year." Yesterday, Baidu Li Mingyuan, general manager of e-commerce business reporters stressed, but did not disclose its specific domain name. But analysts generally believe that in the 26 month earnings release Baidu, Baidu CEO Robin Li will be released website.

In fact, Baidu has been plotted into the C2C market, more than six months. To e-commerce, Baidu has set up a separate business unit operating Baidu C2C trading platform business. At present, the C2C trading platform product technology research and development work has commenced, Baidu is also recruiting efforts to complete the most important new business unit team formation.

But for the industry, because of Ma's Alibaba's Taobao has been occupied for more than 70% of C2C e-commerce market, then in such a market situation that Baidu is still the first step into e-commerce should charge in C2C, it seems that chess meaningful.

Of the industry's concerns into the C2C market, Baidu said that after careful consideration. Last year, online shopping accounts for electronic total national consumption of 0.25% over the first 10 months of this year by 0.8%, showed more than 3 times growth.

Li Mingyuan, said, indicating the online shopping market is booming, to subsequently provide enough space. As for the biggest competitor Baidu, Taobao Daoshi seems quite generous. The new public relations person in charge Llewellyn said: "Congratulations to Baidu. Baidu's accession, the Chinese online shopping market is a good thing, as the current number of daily birth of the various shopping sites." C2C the other big manufacturers eBay executives said: "China C2C market potential, more powerful peers involved, to explore a more suitable and healthy development of Chinese e-commerce market model."

Payment or a "used"

In addition, according to Ming-Yuan Li said Baidu's C2C model plans to integrate its search technology and a strong community resources, expectations of the establishment of the Chinese Internet sector's largest personal online trading platform. Baidu's biggest advantage is that search, in fact, a large C2C website 1 / 3 of the traffic from Baidu's search results.

It is reported that Baidu C2C platform is not limited to the future of the independent website, users can search for keywords on Baidu, is likely to pop up the sale of information-related products. This pattern seems slightly different from Taobao.

As for payment, Li Mingyuan, said, "do not rule out the simplest way to enter." This means that Baidu may use acquisitions to enter the field of payment. Another said Li Mingyuan, Baidu for e-commerce at this stage there is no profit pressure, no timetable for any profit. Also said that Baidu's e-commerce platform for the promotion of the financial unlimited.

Senior IT Consultant Bo comments to reporters that the Chinese e-commerce still in its infancy, more powerful players involved will help to rapidly expand the market and establish a good market order and competition. Baidu's Internet infrastructure will have to Baidu to become heavyweight field of electronic commerce.

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Yesterday, the U.S. NASDAQ technology stocks that occur in China across the board dropped the few. Remove portal Sohu, Sina were up 2.95% and 0.61%, nearly all Internet stocks plunged across the board. Two of the SP concept Hurray and air network leading decliners. Shares fell 0.12 U.S. dollars and 0.27 U.S. dollars, down 2.61% and 3.95%. The firm's Baidu had been declined by 7.47 U.S. dollars, down 2.37%.

Some analysts believe that China is suspected of Internet stocks are a bubble, but the practitioners of the Chinese Internet that is not the case. In particular, Baidu. As the Nasdaq correction shock, has fallen from a high of 307 U.S. dollars 320 U.S. dollars.

But with Baidu will be 26 this month, investors, news of the official release into e-commerce, and the next month on the 6th Hong Kong-listed Alibaba in China, fear will lead to the investment community's interest in China's Internet industry.

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